New HP Jet Fusion 3D Printer Full Colour Functional

Image Source: Google Images, HP Office
Technology Mega giant Hewlett-Packard Inc. popularly known as HP on Wednesday brings the 4th Industrial revolution with its latest 3D printer based on Jet Fusion printing.

The company has launched four new  3D printers capable of printing in full color and with multiple materials within the same print.HP claims it's a production-ready commercial 3D printing system that claims to deliver superior-quality physical parts up to 10 times faster and at half the cost of current 3D printing systems.

Designed with small-to-medium operations in mind, the machines start at approximately $50,000 and can easily top $100,000 depending on the specific configuration. This isn’t exactly consumer-friendly pricing, but it’s a comparatively small investment for teams looking to prototype and develop without outsourcing.

What This Printer is able to Print?

Image Source: HP website

Phoenix Children’s Hospital has used the full-color 3D printing technology to recreate an model of a patient’s heart that has a complex defect. 
Image Source: HP Website

Dr. Louis Ferreira, PhD, Surgical Mechatronics Lab fully coloured 3D Printed Design.

Printer Design, What's New in this?

Image source: HP Website (HP Jet Fusion 580)
HP doesn't designed the printer only, they designed the beast of 3D printer and a new revolution in 3D printing Technology.In addition to providing voxel-level control, the new Jet Fusion 300/500 series of 3D printers has a compact design, enhanced workflow solution, and the world's first integrated and automated materials delivery system. In India Printer will be available for around INR 2.5 Crores. .

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